Arcam FMJ23T vs. Cary Audio 308

I have a plinius 8200 mk.2 integrated with B&W speakers. Any thoughts of these 2 players and which might be better? Thanks.
The FMJ23T has received universal praise from around the globe. I have listened to the CD23, it predecessor, and it was very balanced, reasonably dynamic, and liquid. I use the liquid sound because this is how I often describe analog. Its easy to listen to without sounding rolled off. This unit uses technology from the dcs Elgar players.

Another option is the Jolida JD-100. I own this player and am very happy. It is dynamic with a wide frequency response. Highes are sweet, lows punchy and mids immediate. No glare from this player. Just very musical sound. Under a grand and its a bargain.

Not familiar with the 308 but they are probably good also.
Cary 308 sounded to forward to me like on my face. I've compared
with Meridian 507 and Rega Jupiter. I had Arcam CD72 before and I think
you will like CD23 better. I've also compared with SimAudio Nova which
is almost twice the price of 308 but very neutral sounding player.
I liked the Nova compared to all the others. Cary 303 is another one
of my choice.