Arcam DV79 and Samsung DLP - your thoughts please

Hi - Am looking to upgrade my very trusty and still quite beautiful Mitsubishi 35" CRT and Cal Audio 2500 DVD player. Goal is of course HD playback from satellite and an improved DVD experience.

For the TV I am looking hard at the Samsung HL-R46, a DLP device which because of its trim bezel will fit into the existing space (40 1/2" wide). I know the blacks aren't quite there compared to a CRT so I would like to hear from anyboy who has made this type of change... BTW The other choice is one of the Sony CRTs.

While the primary signal source will be the Direct TV satellite and a off air antenna, I would like to upgrade the Cal and move to HDMI. The reviews of the Arcam DV79 are pretty close to spectacular - given that the Samsung does some signal processing, should I care that the Arcam does not output 1080i? What else should I be considering in the under $2K range?

BTW I will run HDMI to the display and an Toslink to my B&K. After this is in I may consider changing out the B&K for the Arcam 300 - anyone done that? Have seen a few posts suggesting that the B&K remains the better unit but nobody ever talks about how good a B&K sounds... Besides the satellite and the DVD, I also use a SB2 (Squeezebox 2) to play my digital audio library

Thanks in advance for all your help

First off the Samsung DLP's native ate 720p, so you wouldn't need/see any benefit from 1080i, you would force both your player and TV to convert your signal, and possibly see more artifact.

Second, the blacks won't be as dark as with a CRT, but the detail you will get with a digital feed (HDMI/DVI) to a digital display is a significant improvement IMHO.

Third I would recomend you try the coax digital out....
I recommend you go to and read the different opinions,there. I also think it's important 'where' you buy it as some retailers have shown much indifference on warranty issues.(CC being one of 'em)
Thanks guys - appreciate your help
The new DLPs are 1080p.
By the by, it appears that the 42" and the 46" - the ones I am considering - will remain 720p - while the 50" and up units get the 1080i upgrade. From the readings Avguygeorge pointed me at, the benefits of the 1080 rate become increasingly apparent as screen size increases...

Anyone have an opinion - question being will I hate 46" at 720p?

FWIW, the new higher resolution Samsungs are 1080p, not 1080i. Ironically, they can only accept a 1080i input via HDMI, although they can accept 1080p via VGA.

I haven't had a chance to see the 1080p sets myself, but the reports at are very encouraging. Based only on the avs comments, I would opt for a larger screen size than the 42" - 46" you are considering and get a 1080p set.

720p at 46 inch diagonal? I'd get a bigger set unless I only sit 6-7 feet away from the screen. But I'm used to front projection. So take that with a grain of salt.
Thanks guys - as usual bigger is better - BUT as I noted in the post, we have an existing wall unit that was made for a 35" Mitsubishi CRT - the 42 and the 46 seem like they will just barely squeak in. Since the wall unit is staying I have one of three choices - stay with the Mits which is still great, just not HD, get a Sony 34 or 36 HD CRT which basically looks as good as the Mits, or go for a somewhat bigger picture with the Samsung 42 or 46.

DLP will most likely keep BOTH resolutions going-offering 1080p as a pricier alternative. BTW, what actually is Broadcast in 1080P? NOTHING! NADA! Do we really think all of our local affiliates that were forced to spend millions on the cameras, towers, and the like to produce whatever sub 1080p resolutions they have already picked are going to change again, to give up even more of their bandwidth? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOLKS! Yes, hddvd/blueray will be in 1080p, but when? How much money? AND lets not forget what software? Anyone been shopping for SACD's or better DVDA's lately? Oh, I forgot, SONY is even backing off from SACD!
Anyway, most untrained eyes cant see the differance in 480p ed panel and a 1080i panel side by side from 8-10' with the same high def signal on them. I know, I have been selling high def tv's since we were having to use sencore boxes to provide hd images on them....High def looks great no matter what the numbers say, yes more and bigger are better in this world, but smaller and fewer are still WAY better than anything we have ever seen, SO buy what fits and be happy you are able to watch these great signals no matter what resolution they are in or whatever they are converted to!