Arcam A90 DiVA vs. Arcam A22 FMJ

I'm on the verge of purchasing an Arcam amplifier but need help with this decision. . .

Which is the better integrated amplifier, this year's Arcam DiVA A90 (90W) or the discontinued Arcam FMJ A22 (100W, circa 2000)?

I notice the A90 has better specs (distortion 0.008% vs. 0.02% for the A22; signal-to-noise 105dB vs. 100dB for the A22) so I assume the A90 has benefitted from recent refinements in all of Arcam's product lineups. Did the A90 surpass the A22 in overall musical quality too?

For either amp, I would have to purchase a phono stage (I don't know if the Arcam part is still available for the A22.)

If it matters, I would use this amp in the following system:
* Dynaudio Audience 72 speakers (4 ohm)
* Rega P3 turntable
* (probably) Arcam CD192 CD player
I have used the A22 along with the P25 for a few years as a HT system and I was very satisfied with the quality of the sound (FMJ DVD & KEF speakers).When i wanted to upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1 i purchased the PIONEEER VSA AX10 but the sound of the ARCAM was far superior so
i got back to the my old system and at the same time ordred the new ARCAM AV8 & P7.
Now that the AV8 & P7 have replaced the AV22+P25
I have transfered them into my two channels stereo system to drive in a bi-amped configuration MARTIN LOGAN ODYSSEY speakers with a MARTIN LOGAN DESCENT subwoofer.The result was very good.
I had the chance to compare this system side by side with a much more expensive class A MARK LEVINSON 432 Amp with a MARK LEVINSON CD transport (Against FMJ CD 23)and the difference in sound was not striking as you would expect from a much costlier system.The ML had slightly better bass and overall better general control and many of my friends (some of them real audiophiles)admitted after a blind audition that in some cases the mids and highs are more natural and refined on the ARCAM.
I have now replaced the old AV22+P25 with four P1 Arcam monoblocs amplifiers with the new C31 pre-amp in a bi-amped configuration with the same speakers.

To answer your question I have no experience with the DIVA line but from my long experience with ARCAM FMJ I am sure that you cannot go wrong.They are built like a tank very musical and you don't have to break the bank to buy one. (specially if you find a good deal on AUDIOGON)
The ODYSSEY'S are power hungry and relatively difficult speakers to drive but the A22+P25 had no problem of power except on the phono input where i had to play the amplifier at maximum volume but this had more to do with the very low output of my DYNAVECTOR MC cartridge.(I have the same situation with the new setup.
With the DYNAUDIO it should sound good.
I hope you will find my answer useful and feel free to e-mail me if you need more clarifications on the above.
Inform me about your findings and opinion once you have your system in place.

Good luck