Arcam A80 Owners - Please Help

I own an Arcam DiVA A80 amplifier and I am looking for the right loudspeakers to use with it. I would like to know which speakers are being used by other owners...please tell me the model and the list price.

I would also like to know your opinion about the A80. Do you like its performance? What are its weaknesses and strengths?
hi there, just purchased the a80 myself and have them hooked up to a pair of monitor audio gs10's. Initial impressions, very good. The slightly warm sound of the amp works well with the medal dome tweeters of the monitor audio's. I strongly suggest using quality interconnects & cabling to bring out the best of the amp. I tried an audiolab 8000s prior to this amp and way too clinical for the speakers. Another speaker I would recommend would be the quad 12l, should be able too pick them up for a good price at the moment (very detailed but not as full sounding as the gs 10's) hope this helps
if your arcam is as i remember arcam being (slightly warm, laid back), then I suspect the monitor audio gs10 would be a nice combo. Just a few hours ago, i auditioned a pair of Quad 12l w/ my sugden amp (a48b). The quads were not broken in, but i suspect that even after they open up, theyou would not sound as open as the Monitor Audio GS20's i heard immediately thereafter.

If the GS10 by monitor audio has the same sonic character, i suspect it would match up well w/ your amp - better than the Quads.