ARC VT100 M1 vs. CJ premere 11A

Hello everyone,
If you had the opportunity to purchase an Audio Research VT100 Mark 1 or the Conrad Johnson premere 11A for the same price which would you choose and why? I have owned several ARC amps, Air Tight ATM2 and most recently BAT VK75. If you could compare the VT100 to the Premere 11A and or the others I have listed it would be helpful for me. Please let me thank you in advance for your assistance.
I compared a Audio research classic 150 with
a conrad johnson 11a. The classic 150 had better bass,
a wider and deeper soundstage. The cj had more
detail. I called audio research and they
said the vt100 is a better sounding amp than
the classic 150.
The comparison has been discussed many times in audiogon. You can check other old threads. I would go for ARC for the same price. CJ is more lay-back and ARC is a neutral one. If you have a smooth front end, ARC is better unless you have a bright front end or speaker to tame.