ARC LS 25MKl vs LS 25MKll....?????

I was going to tag onto another thread but I was affraid my question might get lost. My system comprises of ARC VT 100Mkll , ARC PH3se (yes all ARC). I heard, however, some folks say the MKl was better then the MKll....??


SAME STUFF, DIFFERNT DAY!!!...especially when you consider diffent tube options!
Really, if you're considering SWEATTING over debating between the two, It's a SIDEWAYS move at best! If you have the MK I I wouldn't sell it for MK II!! There's going to be little if no change at all overall! If you want a change in sonics, try another preamp entirely. or at least get better tubes than stock and experiment. INfact, call Kevin Deal at Upscale audio in Upland, CA and ask for advice. That's my suggestion, as one who's sold AR for years!
Also, the MK 25 isn't any different sonically from the LS16 even! It's just got more in's and out's and such. (That was straight from the tech's I know at AR!!!).
You'll have to move up to a used Ref 1 or 2 to get improvement of significance in the AR line. Or, find an old used Copeland, CAT, or other better sounding pre's! (The AR's ad a bit of warm bass/lower mid-range to neutrality for my traste) Good luck
I don't know who was telling you that, but I must respectfully disagree. I have basically the same set up as you. I started off with the MKI and had it upgraded to the MKII. After the upgrade, it is MUCH more open sounding.
You are quite misinformed. I upgraded from an ARC LS2B MKI to a MKII and found the improvements significant in musical terms. The MKII was less mechanical sounding, more transparent and refined with enhanced musicality. Also, I suppose the "MK25" that Foreverhifi alluded to is the ARC LS25 MKI. The LS25 MKI is an excellent preamp, especially if used with NOS 6H23 tubes. Sometimes "a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing." (I own both the LS2B MKII and the LS25 MKI preamps.)
Anyone know how significant the improvement from LS25 MkII to the Ref 1 or Ref 2? I'm considering all three of these linestages. I previously owned an LS15 with NOS Tungsram tubes. It was a good value linestage, but I'd like to take it a step or two higher. Thanks!
Hi Rick.

You should also throw the LS5 MkIII in the mix. To alot of people's ears, mine including, The LS5 MkIII betters the REF1 and although I haven't as yet heard the LS25 MkII, imagine it may be better also.

Prior to the introduction of the REF 1, The LS5 MkII was ARC's top of the line preamp. From what I have read, ARC introduced the MkIII version in response to an outcry by those how had recently bought new Mk II's which ARC simply abandoned to bring the REF 1 to market.

The MkIII has the same circuit boards as the REF1 but with a beefier power supply. The LS5 MkIII just sounds more musical versus the more analytical sound of the REF 1. The LS5 series has the magical midrange sound of ARC versus the current house sound.

Anyway, just a thought. Good Luck, Mike.