ARC discontinues Ref-2 SE phono preamp

I guess they have a Ref-3 phono preamp coming out soon.
I thought they might after doing the same to the PH6 and PH8 a month or two ago.

Taters ... how did you come to learn that ARC discontinued the Ref Phono 2 SE?  

It doesn't surprise me.  I surmise that ARC will change over all of its Ref source products in light of the circuit topology change made with Ref 6, namely the 6 audio tube (6H30) configuration.   My guess is that the next to go will be the Ref CD-9.

This will be a good time to pick up some great gear at a great price.

I get regular e-mails from a local Audio Research dealer, Paragon Sight and Sound, and yesterday they sent out a "special deal" on the Ref Phono 2 SE for $9500 (regular $13K) since Audio Research is discontinuing this model.  Better act fast though, supplies are limited!  No mention of a Ref 3 though ...

^^^ That's a 27% discount.

Taters ... wanna bet the dealer would come down another 3% for an all cash offer?? *lol*
Better yet, because of them discounting the Ref2se that just dropped the used prices 1500.00 to 2000.00. Now would be a great time to buy a mint used one.