Aragon Palladium vs 8008BB?

What is better: a pair of original Palladiums (based on the 4004 series) or an 8008BB? I will be driving a pair of NHT 3.3s. How do either compare to the Parasound 2200II?
Same question, currently I have a 8008 MK2 paired with ARC LS15 preamp. I would like to give 3.3 more power. Please advise.
I cannot say anything about the Palladium but I did use an 8008 (non-BB version, ST I think, bought new in 1995) for 4 years with Apogee Stages & Aerial 10t's.

The 8008 has good, tight bass. It worked well with the Stages, producing liquid mids, voices, & sparking, non-tizzy highs. But read on...

When I swapped the Aragon 8008 for a Pass X350 with the 10ts, I noticed 2 things: the bass was deeper but more pressurized with the Pass; I actually preferred the 8008 bass--more relaxed & perhaps even more detailed. However, the mids, highs, voices, string, brass, & piano reproduction with the Pass were overwhelmingly better: sweeter, more easily deliniated from the background, and more rounded and 3-dimensional. There was no turning back to the 8008 after that. The 8008 is smooth & polite & listenable, with no hard edges that I heard, but does not produce high-end palpability (at least with the Aerial 10ts.) I hope this info is helpful.
Aerial 10Ts are even a tougher load than 3.3s. You would think the $9000 retail Pass Labs X350 is better than the $2000 8008ST! I think the Palladiums would be closer to the X350 in "palpability" or other highend sonics.

I ended up getting a great deal on three PalladiumIIs for my front 3 speakers (3.3s and AC2). The massive, more expensive monos provide more power, bass, smoothness than the respectable Parasound.

I think the original Palladiums is sonically better (by how much?) and of course have more power than the 8000BB/MkII. How loud do you listen on the SPL meter? The 8008MkII probably clips close to 300x2.