Aragon 8008 mk2. or Parasound A21

Any thoughts on these 2 amps and which one might be better for a Revel based system. I heard the Parasound will sound better balanced but I'm unsure if this is true for the Aragon. I have a single ended Aragon 28k mk2 preamp and a balanced Marsh p2000b balanced preamp.

Thank you.
Nice choices! My two cents. Aragon 8008 is very powerful, a little stiff/hard-edged in the treble in contrast to the Parasound which is more forgiving. Depends on what you are looking for in a match with your Revels. Aragon-Aragon would be interesting...but what is your source? Do not know Marsh.

Again, just my two cents. good luck! Nice choices.
Thank you for the follow up. I have a Cary CDP 1cd player. My cables are a mix of Purist Audio and Audioquest