AR ES-1 Transport Bolt Needed

I need a transport bolt for my AR ES-1. Mine was lost and is still located in place unknown. Please, if possible, let me know the size so I can pick one up locally.  Thanks
Thanks for all the input. I bought that TT new in '77? I have shipped and received many TT's over the years. Thanks for the heads up. I got the transport bolt in my long time stash of hardware.

Are you sure your AR is an ES-1? The original AR turntable---the XA, was introduced in the very early 1960's. The slightly different XB followed sometime later, in the 70's iirc. The much different ES-1 was not available until the mid-80's, '84 I believe it was. I have owned all three, variations on a great basic, very influential, turntable design.

Yup. Maybe my date of purchase is wrong. AR ES-1. I had an original AR but grew tired of at start up manual spinning to get it up to speed, no que and manual dust cover. By the way I found a really nice brass transit screw (ES-1) in my huge stock of miscellaneous hardware. 

   Thanks for all the responses.