AR ES-1 armboard needed

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement armboard for my Acoustic Research ES-1 turntable?
Try AB Tech Services 17C Airport Drive Hopedale,MA 01747

They deal with AR replacement speakers.
Maybe in TT too.

Maybe check with someone at The Needle Doctor? There's contact numbers for general info under the "Contact Us" tab on the website.

Good luck!
Krazykat: You'll have to have the board cut for the specific arm that you want to use. What arm did you have in mind ? Sean
Raga, No soap with The Needle Doctor.

Sean, I'll be mounting a Rega RB300
krazykat, i sent you an email through the system that i might have a NOS blank armboard, and i did in fact find one along with some extra springs and grommets in a box of assorted audio stuff. if ten bucks works for you sent priority mail, drop me a line. -john
perhaps i just set myself up for this, but i am compelled to say that to have what i see has a helpful gesture go completely unacknowledged is somewhat disheartening. i am also encountering a lack of decorum on the classified end of things on audiogon in communications with other members that is proving to be a disincentive to regular participation on this site. not quite sure what has happened to basic courtesy. i expect no response to this and will not check for one. just wanted to get that off my chest. happy holidays!
Thanks for your input, everybody, I have located a source for a custom-made Delrin armboard.