Aperion Verus III or Tekton Impact/Pendragon

I’m new to the forum but have been in car audio for 15 years.  I have always lived in condos and could never have the system I’ve wanted.  Like everyone else here I’ve scoured reviews and opinions and narrowed my search down to these 2. Now I’m in my first house. 

Im looking to spend $2500-$3000ish for Towers and a center (I have a SVS 3000 sealed Subwoofer.)   These will be 80% for Home Theater and 20% Rock/EDM.   I know it’s not the norm.  I’m using a Denon 2300 for the time being.  It will be a 3.1 setup. 

Im trying to get some comparison or not make a mistake. 

It seems that the Aperion Verus III are a great $1000ish speaker that sounds like a $1000 speaker.  Great Value direct to consumer. 

But then I see and read all these Tekton guys and reviews that the Impacts or Pendragons are a league of their own but only costing $1000 ish.   Feeling like the SVS, Fluance, Aperion are on the same level where as these are supposed to be King or sound like a $3000 speakers. 

With home audio / Home Theater I don’t really know what I’m looking for or how to tell if one is better than the other.

I currently Have Klipsch Rp 160m bookshelf’s and the sub.  When listening to AC DC  those bag pipes will make your ears bleed on the Klipsch.  I have hardwood floors and 12’ ceilings.  There is plenty of echos that I will be working on in the future to dampen. 

Thank you in advance and please only helpful advice. 
You might find someone on these forums who would let you listen to their Tektons, depending on where you are located.