Anyone with Vandersteen and Bryston?

I have Vandersteen 2ce Signature but sometime want to upgrade to 5a's. Which Bryston model would work well now with 2ce's but have enough power for future 5a's? I was looking at 4bsst.

i own vandrsteen 2ce signatures with bryston two channel and it is very good , especially at lower volumes and the low end bass is very good.... use a tube preamp and the mid and highs are stunning...
also i wanted to say i listened to the quatro vandersteens last week and at seventy five hundred they are a steal...
I have just started looking also at the Quattro, probably more realisticly in my price range in the near future. Which model Bryston would handle the Quattro? Do you think the 4bsst at 300 watts or would the 3bsst at 150 would be enough?

I use Brystons with Vandersteen 2ce Signatures in my HT. I have Vandersteen 5As in my downstairs system.

I do not and would not use Brystons with the 5As. The Brystons are decent amps, but they are not the last word in transparency and subtlety. The 5As are incredibly revealing of downstream components. Minor changes make very noticeable differences. The Brystons IMO are simply not up to the task.
I own 2Ce Signatures and I would agree with Rex. Consider other amps besides Bryston.
My favorite for the 2Ces are the BEL amps. However, there are others out there that will satisfy different tastes. For the same money as a Bryston that is. Many threads have been written on this so you may want to do a search.

As for the Quatros, you won't be disappointed. Just make sure to have some patience while they break in. They're a huge step up from the 2s!

Good luck!