Anyone with experience of CAL CL2500 500x5 amp?

For California Audio Lab CL2500 MCA(multichannel amplifier,500 wpc for five channels),I read some reviews about it.Seems excellent for both movie and music.Though very huge and powerful(500 wpc for five channels),described very delicate ,detailed and fast in reviews.
Anyone here has experience and comment about this brute-like amp( W x D x H 17" x 25"x11")?
Thanks in advance!

One of the most powerful five channel amps out there for the money. Uses a switching power supply as opposed to the transformer power supply. Very musical and great for home theater. My understanding is that there is a technician who will do some mods that can double the power rating. Yes, it is a brute of an amp, but it was cutting technology at the time it was introduced. If modified to 1000x5 then the size is relative!
Great amp for both 2 channel and HT, but it definitely is more than folks realize for 2 channel. Unfortunately, repairs are virtually non existent so if it breaks down, you could be left with a very large and heavy ottoman for the garage.

Fedreams -

Modified? Great, one can spend more $$ have it modified, but no one to repair it when it breaks down. I have owned this complete CAL 2500 system no fewer than three times, and especially when run as a system, it is nothing less than spectacular. That being said, I was lucky enough to never have any problems with any of the pieces I owned, but those that have, are stuck.

I don't think I would ever spend money making modifications to a unit that isn't repairable any longer, or, although someone could work on it, parts are not readily available. Scott Morris used to help out with work, but as I understand it now, no longer around to do so.

btw - 500 x 5 (real power, no Sony/Kenwood, etc) power was more than enough to drive difficult loads like the Wilson V5.1 and Aerial 10Ts to extreme levels without issue. Again, smoking great amp, and the SSP? Just as good with some of the best capabilities of any processor I have ever had. It allows one to set CD1 running speakers crossed at 60 with the subs kicking in AND CD2 with speakers set to FULL, no SUB!

I wish other manufacturers would have made what seems to be a simple concept available on their processors.

Thank you for your responses.Very helpful!