Anyone useing a Burden Bobcat Dac?

If so is it worth the price and how easy is it to use?
I use it and it works very well in many applications. What type of system will you utilize it with?
Alabamasales I have a 2 channel system and I would like to try a computer based supplement to my current digital front end. I was hopeing to use a Mac computer based system with a USB DAC and integrate that in my current system.I am not very computer literate but my wife is very versed in Mac Intosh. I read that the Burdwen might work with a dual processor Mac which can run windows? But I am not even sure of that.I have an all Bat system Vk40 Pre VkD5se player and Vk200 amp NHT 3.3 speakers. I was hopeing with a computer addition to my system that my wife would view my system in a better light.Any and all insights and suggestions welcome Gary
I now see that I spelled BURWEN wrong sorry.