Anyone use Mackie HR824 Studio monitors as stereo

Was wondering if anyone has used Mackie HR824/Mk II Studio powered monitors as stereo or surround speakers.
nope, but I've considered them. There are a few powered speakers in that price range that I would look at though. Used Dynaudio is one that comes to mind. Adam audio, genelec and focal are a few others. Some of those powered monitors are best for nearfield listening so you'll want to research that aspect also

on a side note, I had a single Mackie srm 450 back when I was dj'ing and I really liked it. I've considered trying a pair of the srm 450's again to see if I still like them now that Im a bit more of an audio snob. I really like their (srm 450) design
No, but I considered the HR624 years ago for my office system. I decided on KRK VXT6 instead.

If you'll be using a sub, you might opt for the HR624 instead of the 824 since you won't need the lower end extension of the larger driver and the smaller driver may narrow less at the top end of its pass band than the larger driver.
I use the HR624 Mkii for stereo. They are just terrific. So clear and uncolored and will play very loud. Bass is decent for the size (6.5 woofer).