Anyone use Mackie HR824 Studio monitors as stereo

Was wondering if anyone has used Mackie HR824/Mk II Studio powered monitors as stereo or surround speakers.
nope, but I've considered them. There are a few powered speakers in that price range that I would look at though. Used Dynaudio is one that comes to mind. Adam audio, genelec and focal are a few others. Some of those powered monitors are best for nearfield listening so you'll want to research that aspect also

on a side note, I had a single Mackie srm 450 back when I was dj'ing and I really liked it. I've considered trying a pair of the srm 450's again to see if I still like them now that Im a bit more of an audio snob. I really like their (srm 450) design
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I use the HR624 Mkii for stereo. They are just terrific. So clear and uncolored and will play very loud. Bass is decent for the size (6.5 woofer).