Anyone update your BAT VK60 to SE status?

What did you think? Worth the $2500? My other choice is to buy a 75se and sell the 60. More than double the price of the update though...
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I will be swapping some tubes next week.
I did try some 6922 red base RCA's in place
of the 6H8C's ( warmed the sound a quite a
bit). I'm waiting for some tubes to put in
place of the 6V6GT's. I will post progress
later. I believe that tubes are extra when
doing the upgrade to SE from BAT.
I do not own a VK60,but for the time
being, I own a VK75 and VK75se. I've
been swapping them in and out of my
system for several days, and can't
decide which I like the most. The
se has stock tubes currently, and the
VK75 has two ECC34 mullards in front.
The VK75 is much warmer(my wife's favorite.
The VK75se is a little quicker. I have some
tubes coming for the VK75se, hopefully
this will help with my decision. I will
have to sell one of the two. Swapping some
power cords, and tubes has made it a harder
decision than I thought it would be. I can say
at this time, that the VK50se preamp is a good
match for the VK75.