Anyone try the Power Purifier DoublePlus PP++?

Just wondering if any Audiogonner's have tried this tweak yet.

It's a fairly new item from " The Mad Scientist" its called the Power Purifier Double Plus PP++. I found the item from the guys over at AA. They claim this is a real improvement in the world of power conditioning.

Here is some comments from the Mad Scientist web site describing the effect.


Usually the first thing noticed is the extension and detail in the treble and bass. But soon afterwards you notice many improvements across the whole range. As well as helping get the tonal characteristics of the music right, another thing I often hear relates to "sounds that occur very close together" - one example on one track there is the slap of bass string. After listening with Power Purifier I could hear the string slapping multiple times, where before it had only resolved one slap.

I thought I had a pretty good amplifier so I was astonished when I heard what I'd been missing.

If you score normal BlackDiscus as a 5, then BlackSticks are somewhat better, say a 7 or 8. But Power Purifier is in another league - scoring 14-15. Seriously."

This is from AA
"my review notes stated in large bold face: “BASS!!” Not excessive, tuneless, flabby, exaggerated bass. No, this was focused, deep, tuneful bass with PRAT and exceptional detail and drive...Its simply astounding effect on bass reproduction, coupled with its superb reduction in over-all grunge, allows the music to speak in a way that is deeply communicative and moving."

I'm, such a tweaker, I went ahead and ordered it supposedly with a 30 day trial. I'll post my results.