Anyone try the new Cardas cord for Senn HD600's??

I noticed that Music Direct ( is carrying a Cardas replacemt cord for the Sennheiser HD600 headphones (maybe the 580's too). The price is $150ish for 10 feet and $190ish for 20. Has anyone tried one of these?? Was there a noticeable improvement?? Just curious...
I have the Cardas cord and the difference is striking. There is improvement across the entire spectrum. However, my personal taste is for a bit less high end (to me it's brightness to others it's detail). I've therefore relegated them to a pair of HD545s (they seem to fit fine) that need high end extension. I've just ordered the Equinox replacement cable from Stefen Audio Art that has been described as having essentially the same benefits as the Cardas but with a 'warmer, more polite presentation.' Unfortunately, I won't be receiving the Equinox for about a month due to their backlog.

You can find a detailed comparison that I found useful of the Clou, Stefen AudioArt, and Cardas replacement cables at:
I have the cable and like the Cardas very much.

I compared the Clou red and the Cardas and found the Cardas to have a more natural sound.