Anyone Try First Watt amp with Total Victory IV

I have purchased a pair of used Coincident Total Victory IV Loudspeakers and I would like to get a first watt amp , I was thinking of F3 or F5 .
Any comments ? or suggestions ?

I can spend around $2500 , the Coincident 300B is too expensive for me at this time.
I listen to mostly classic rock, my room is 12' x 18'
From what I have read tubes are recommended for the TV but I don't have the money for tubes and the First Watt amps are not too expensive.
Can I get the set tube sound with solid state ?

Thank you in advance.

Sure, a new Frankenstein from Coincident is expensive.

I don't know the answer to "Can I get the set tube sound with solid state ?". But let me respond, anyway.

Your room is a bit smaller than mine - mine is 13x24. I have the Super Eclipse with Welborne Lab Laurels. These are 300B based SET - output of 8w. I've had mine for 8 years or so and there have been no issues, and tube life is far greater than I had imagined. I think your speakers are just slightly more efficient than mine.

You say you don't have the money for tubes, but you do have $2500 to spend. You could look for something like the Welborne amps (the Laurels or the later DRD model) used - probably about a grand.

Hi Abill

Currently there are two used Coincident 300b amps available on
audiogon that would be splendid with your TV1V.Those are very highly regarded by the way.
I tried an F3 last year with my Total Victory 3s. In my room (larger than yours at 16x26) the F3 was terrific for chamber music and jazz, but just couldn't bring the weight of a whole orchestra into the space. And it couldn't supply the "grunt" you might want for classic rock. To my ear the TV's sound better with more power, just as less efficient speakers do. YMMV, of course, and I haven't tried tube SET. I can say the F3 was the clearest-sounding amp I've ever heard, and your smaller room might be just right for lesser power. If Reno still has the demo trial available it might be worth your while.
You gave me the answer I was looking for . I don't think the F3 will give me enough power. At times I do play my rock into the 90's dbl.I'm looking for low level detail and also rock solid bass. I was a little concerned with only 8 watts using a 300b amp but it looks like the 300b amp is the way to go. It' hard for me to accept that 8 watts will drive 2 - 12" woofers to the bass that I'm looking for but I could be wrong.
Before getting the TVIV's I had a pair of Cain Single Horn Ben speakers. To me the TVIV is a better balanced speaker and I have no intention of getting ride of them but I'm trying to get as much quickness and dynamic's as the Fostex driver as I can. I know their is no perfect speaker but I trying to make as little compromise as possible. One more thing is I can listen to any type of music and the TVIV's sound very good and that is one thing I don't miss with the single driver speakers, expecially classical music.
I think I'll sell some of me gear and get a nice 300b amp.I don't buy and sell my gear often when I buy someting I keep it.