Anyone tried Delta Labs power cords?

Delta Lab power cords are advertised on Audiogon by Quest for Sound. Has anyone tried them? They have a reasonable price and look awesome, but looks can be deceiving....
Thanks for your feedback. KG
I have 4 of their power cords(Power Pro) and 3 interconnects( two balanced and 1 RCA). They are made to high standards and sound terrific!!No disappointments. They rival much more expensive products. Try Quest for Sound Isol-Pads. Awesome vibration controllers.
You have to be kidding me. Is this the same Delta Labs that has been ripping people off and banned for life on Audiogon.
Just ask around and you'll see what I mean. Buyer Beware!
I never had any problems with them. Sorry to hear others did.Their cables are of high quality. Can only purchase them through Quest for Sound which is a reputable Class A dealer.
FYI, there are quite a few unhappy customers that have brought up Delta and their other incarnations on these boards as well as AudioAsylum. Not saying that they're bad, but with all the negativity, proceed with caution.
Based on the negative feedback I've received, I think I'm going to steer clear of Delta Labs. Thanks, KG
I purchased a Delta Labs Power Pro from Quest for Sound through an Audiogon auction. The cable retails(according to Quest's dealer webpage) for $499. It is just a 10/3 rubber insulated cable with(I think) Marinco connectors. They didn't even bother to wrap their cord in nylon sheathing like the other cable designers to make believe they were hiding some kind of proprietary technology or filtering(you can clearly read the original manufacturer's printing on the cable). There's probably $40-50 worth of materials here. However, the cable sounds pretty darned good-not in the Whale Elite category(which is quieter, smoother, more detailed, etc), but way better than any stock cable, in my opinion. I hope that helps. JT
Oops. Above should read "...(according to the list price on auction page) for $499."
I've read nothing but terrible things about Delta. They are ripoffs !! Stay away !!!
buyer beware,,gorden at delta labs,got me for over 3000.00 ph# 209 679 0665,,, and his buddy , naiheem kahn , e-mail,,, this is his new e/m, both were kicked off ,hope this helps..took a lot of research,pluss dollar for dollar are getting screwed with his garbage,.