Anyone seen/heard the new Cary A-306 & C-306?

And also the CD-306 SACD?
What did you think of it?
Does anyone know the retail price on these units?

Thanks for your help!

I think the CD-306 is slated to arrive any day at dealers round here (NY) so I'm definitely going to give it a listen. I listened to the 303/300 the other day and it definitely piqued my interest. Hopefully the SACD unit will be similar (although I don't believe it has a tube output stage).
All the above are ready to ship now and Cary has dealer incentive that hopefully will be passed down to consumers...

retail for cd-306 SACD is $6,000 and will most likely set a standard in this areana.

Retail for C-306 is $5,000

Retail for 306 -A is $5,000...1100 watts at 4 ohms...can't wait till my VMPS speakers here this amp!!!

Most dealers should be able to package all this up with some discounts as Cary is having a big push for this release. I know I do...