Anyone know who might carry the LP vinyl ........

....of the Bruce Katz Cresent Crawl? I have checked E-Bay, the regular LP sources (Red Trumpet etc.) with no luck.
Do I hunt the vinyl used shops??
rwd lists one of the lp's you seek. pretty pricy but it does appear to be available- kelly
check out they don’t have the LP you are looking for but may be able to find it. Also they have so much other stuff that most don’t realize is out there, worth your time just to browse there selection.
Go to Acoustic Sounds on the web or call them @1-800-716-3553. They carry Audioquest recordings and currently have "Transformation", Katz's best lp, on sale for $7.50. Their website is not updated often. However, (just like in the old days), they do send catalog updates via the U.S. Postal Service!