Anyone know what is going on with Resolution Audio

Supposedly they have a new CD player coming out anyday now. I have called them and left messages, no reply. E-mail yields the same results. Anyone know the situation? Thanks in advance.
They are waiting for the format wars to end, they will not waste R&D time when they don't know what to focus on, at least that is what I have been told, if there is rumor of a new player I haven't heard about it and it isn't what they claimed they were going to do.
Email sent to Jeff Kalt at Resolution Audio. His response is below.

First, my apologies for such a slow response to your nquiry. The last month has seen our prototype cd player emerge and enter full production, and regrettably I have neglected my emails. For better or worse, marketing
has always lagged engineering at Resolution. My promise moving forward is to return emails within one business day.

I hope I haven't lost you yet, because our new player, the Opus 21 CD, is pretty exciting. Much of the technology is derived from the cd55, but improving upon it meant reconfiguring the design in several important ways. First, we moved the power supply into a second chassis to rid the
audio circuits of noise and heat. Then we moved the custom display into the second chassis to eliminate it as a noise source. In place of the Philips drive we chose a slot-loading CD-ROM mechanism for better disc playability and reliability. The slot-loading design avoids any physical
contact with the playing surface, and also provides a clean look. Finally, we chose a chassis design and construction that increases performance and flexibility while offering a departure from the typical overkill products of late.

The result is a stunning improvement in cd playback, with a substantial increase in low-level detail and soundstage presence. The Opus 21 CD is available in black-on-silver or silver-on-black.

The Opus 21 CD will be available in the first week of April, directly from Resolution AV, for US$3000. We offer a 30 day home trial period to audition in your own home, in your own system. If you choose to return the player, all we ask is a 5% restocking fee which includes return shipping.

Within 1 day our new web site will go live at It will take a few days for to remap in the domain name

If I can answer any questions or you would like to reserve an Opus 21 player for audition, please contact me at

Thanks again for your patience -- I am confident it will be worth the wait!

Best regards,

Jeff Kalt
Resolution AV