Anyone know much about "BG" brand speakers?

Category: Speakers

A credible dealer is trying to encourage me to go with BG PD-6LCR's for use with a 50 inch plasma. One speaker unit below and one either side of the plasma. Also looking at a pair of BG PD-6C's basically for high end music reproduction in a bedroom. Does anyone know much about this brand and these models in particular? I'd be using a Lexicon RV-8 as a home theater receiver with the plasma and a mid quality Denon receiver in the bedroom set-up.
I had heard their Z-series monitors, not bad at all. Planar technolgoy for mids and tweets. Bass was a little shy, but it was a small monitor, so to be expected.

Looks like the same or similar planar drivers for the in-walls, but not 100% sure.

Check out bgcorp dot com for more.....