Anyone in Cincinnati, OH?

I'm flying out later this week for an interview in Cincinnati, OH and will have some down time. Anyone in this area know of some audio shops in the downtown area that are good to visit?

Also any advice of a good place to eat and places to stay away from?

I've only been to the city once, a long time ago for a conference for FBLA and didn't get out. Not sure if the OTR area has improved but I heard there is some good eatin' over there.

I have lived here over 50 years. Let me know if you find an audio shop downtown, period. There are probably some good places to eat, but no reason to go downtown except the Reds, so I'm not much help on the food either once you get past Cincinnati chili places.
Don't go to Skyline chili; I told my wife how terrible it was, having eaten there before we were married. She insisted on going and then regretted it. There is actually a fairly active audiophile community in Cincinnati; especially compared to Louisville.
Thanks for the info. I'm staying at the Millennium Hotel and was planning on just walking around the area to see what's around.

Its good to hear there are some audiophile's in the area. I'm in the middle of WI with a very small group that holds any interest in HiFi.
You might email Tom Albrecht He has an annual audio gathering and should be familiar with anything downtown.
sounds like a depressing place.......
How would you know, Bombay? Cincinnati is a neat town. I've met Tom and a couple of the other locals, and they're good guys.
Brian, just from the feedback provided by the others. How does finding a few good people make Cincinnati a good town - according to your post?
BTW, I'm NOT trying to discredit Cincinnati by any stretch of the imagination so don't get me wrong here. Cincinnati might just be a fine city.
Eat in Blue Ash or Fairfield area, dont go downtown. I use to be there constantly for business but that was a ways back.
And yes Skyline is substandard food, makes Waffle House look good. Thats not easy to do.
Eh I don't have much of a choice for location besides downtown. Everything I'm doing is downtown and within blocks of each other. So far city doesn't seem too bad but it was HOT yesterday. I was dying walking around.
If you have a view of the river the suspension bridge over the Ohio was built by Robling before he did the Brooklyn Bridge. There is an interesting museum in the old train station if I remember.