Anyone heard the Resolution CD55?

Wanting to know if anyone has had the opportunity to get to hear this new player from Resolution. Thanks.
As per an email I got from Resolution, the CD55 players are now in final pcb assembly. Accordingly, they expect to begin shipping the new players during the week of July 4, 2000. Key features include: · Four Burr-Brown 1704 24-bit D/A converters · Proprietary upsampling algorithm - 44.1 kHz/16-bits to 705.6 kHz/24-bits · HDCD decoding · Analog output derived from 96/24 DVD research · Variable outputs with analog volume control · Numerical volume indicator · Philips P10500 mechanism The product can be purchased either through a dealer or directly from Resolution. The following dealers have ordered CD55 players: Audio Gallery 503-699-8888 Lake Oswego, OR Sonic Culture 858-677-0220 San Diego, CA Sound Componens 912-634-5900 St. Simons Island, GA To order direct from Resolution, with a 30-day evaluation period, Resolution has adopted the following procedure: Interested customers send Resolution a check for $3,000 Customer must also provide a phone number and a FedEx compatible mailing address Resolution deposits checks and verifies funds Resolution ships CD55 players to customers via FedEx 2-day service Shipping order is based on when the check is received by Resolution Customers have 30 days to evaluate unit If customer is satisfied, the purchase is complete If customer is not satisfied, contact Resolution for return shipping information When product is received a refund check will be issued. Rather than offer up some marketing hype, however, Resolution will let the product speak for itself. Suffice it to say that we hope you enjoy the CD55 as much as we do. I am also interested in a comparison between the CD55 and the Wadia 831.
Intrigueing, especially regarding the upsampling. I'll probably try one at some point. I can't imagine that the 55 won't be a whole lot better than the 831, since the 50 is definitely better than the 830, 850.