Anyone heard the new Sonus Faber Domus Concerto?

These new speakers I guess are replacing the Home series speakers for Sonus Faber and have gorgeous looks. Here's their link
Romakabi: I am in the market to upgrade my speakers (VAndy 2Ce's from the mid 90's) and electronics (Marantz PM84D int amp). I went to a local dealer in the Chicago area - Quintessence Audio, to listen to SF speakers and Pathos electronics. I came away very very impressed with the SF speakers.

I spent about 8 hours listening to the new concertos, with and without rel 2 subwoofers. Also listened to the new GPH and the cremona auditor. The electronics were Pathos Twintowers and Pathos classic. I cannot remember the cd player (was very high end, that I know for sure). The music I listened to was somewhat wide ranging - Pavarotti/Karajan(Che Gelida Manina), Joan Armatrading, Mark Knopfler (Je Suis De Soleil from the Golden Heart), Jazz at the pawnshop (Limehouse Blues), Alfred Brendel/Chicago Symph Orch (Beethoven's 4th piano concerto), Cooder/Mohan (A meeting by the river), Bhimsen Joshi (Indian Classical) etc.

The auditor/rel (retail about $6500)combination was the best, followed by the concerto/rel (retail about 5500). The GPH was also very good, but for about $1000 more, I thought that the concerto/rel combo is much better than than the GPH.

The Pathos TT and the Classic sounded better than the Marantz, but the speakers were where the difference was dramatic.

I started with a base line using my amp with the Vandy 2 Ce signatures. We then switched the speakers to the concertos (without the rel). I was just blown away by the difference - the mid range, the clarity, the alive quality of the music.

Considering that all these options are so expensive, I plan to also listen to other speakers and electronics. I have the Harbeth SHL5 and Spendor speakers on my list. Is there anything else I should try before reaching a decision ?

A word about Quintessence Audio - they had an excellent listening room, were most cooperative and were very knowledgeable about the equipment they sell, and about high end gear in general. Having spent this much time with the dealer, I have decided that if I buy any of the components they played for us, I will buy from this dealer.

I would welcome any suggestions on other speakers/electronics I should try. I am trying to reduce the visual presence of the speakers in my living room, so Vandy 2 Ce's and larger speakers are out of consideration. Thanks.