Anyone heard the Luminance KST150 or compared ?

I am interested if anyone has heard the amp that is being offered by Virtual Dynamics called Luminance KST150 ? How does it compare to other amps that you have used ? I have read the review on Stereotimes web site. Did anyone hear it at CES this year ? Stereotimes said it may be the next gaint killer. I have not heard the amp, but would assume if it is like the cables they make, It is something to be heard. Stereotimes seemed somewhat to be more concerned with the looks of the unit then it was with telling us how it sounded. I would like to hear from someone who is using it now, or has compared it to another amp. Please include how fast, open, airy, the sound is and tight the bass.
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Actually I purchased the KST-150 about six weeks ago and sonically I find the unit to sound incredible.Extremlyu open,fast,airy,dhynamic with oodles of spacious soundstage dimensionality.It is the best amplifier I have ever heard.My unit had a manufactoring defect that I waS able to correct on my own.In its stock version thev amplifier suffersw from quite a bit of hum due to the way it wired internally.The unit uses a power supply board vwhich is cheap and inappropriate method for power supply design and is resposible for the hum.Fixed amp myself.
I've had the KST-150 for 2 months now and it is by far the best sounding amp I've ever heard.It has no sound of its own as near as I can tell.You mentioned how open and airy is it.Well openess and air abound beyond my widest imagination.There is wall to wall stage in my listening room with the rear front to back depth extending a good 40 feet behind the rear wall!That is no overstatement.I used to use an Audiopax 88 in conjuction with a pair of Quad 57's and was a strict believer of tubed electronics.Not anymore.The KST-150 delivers the full ;potential promise of solid state and then some.