anyone heard the chord integrated amps

has anyone heard the chord integrated amps? i'm interested in their model 2600, to drive maggie 1.6's.

I have had a CPM2600 new since May and it is still breaking in. It is extremely quiet with a silent black background. Build quality, fit and finish and industrial design are near the top - better than almost all of the competition at that price point, in my opinion (including the heavy, metal remote with metal buttons).

I would characterize the CPM2600 sound as neutral, revealing with high resolution. It's not as powerful and effortless as SPM600 power amp which I recently sold (despite similar 8 ohm power ratings) - I would say the CPM2600 leans more towards the SPM400 in sound and power delivery (I used to have that amp as well). But I thought the SPM400 was more detailed than the SPM600, if not as lush in the midrange.

If you're into the tube sound, the Chord might not make you happy. But if you prefer neutrality and have top notch partnering components (including cables), then the Chord could be the answer.

Hope this helps, EMAIL me if you need more information on this amp.


I have heard their model 2600 -- about 5500. new. A great piece of gear which should drive your maggies with ease. Chord isn't distributed widely in the States, wish it were, they make fine equipment. Very neutral, big soundstage, pair it with a rel b3 sub and you will have gear which should be pleasing to you for a very long time.
Walexa i own Acoustat's 1+1s 81db stats with my Chord CPM-2600 no problem what so ever so with the 1.6QR there should not be any power issues BUT i would be careful the 1.6QR is a detailed speaker so is the Chord maybe to much of a good thing if you like a smooth presentation you may not like what you hear but if your preference is a live sound you should be very happy,
Sorry for the late response did not notice that this was a post from 2005 i thought it was 2010 sorry once again.