Anyone heard Proac Studio 140?

Proac have a new 3-way speaker, the Studio 140: 91dB, and going down to 25hz.

Has anyone heard it?
How does it compare with the 2 Proacs I know: Studio 125 and Response D25?

It's not as good as the D25, nor the D15 for that matter. But it is a stepup from the 125. In fact, I was surprised at the improvement since I always thought the 125 was a heckuva speaker for the price.

It's just a better all-around speaker. The biggest improvement is in the bass. Better defined, deeper and fuller. You'll definitely notice the difference. And just as magical in the mid-range, with a little more air in the treble. It will also play louder.

I think it's at least $250 more than the 125, and worth every penny.
Hi Eril,

I just bought the Proac Studio 140 for my second system. It is a very good speaker. I like the proac speakers much better than the B&W. The speaker is fast, musical and shows a lot of details.

The previous Studio series are all less good. But the D25 is still the better speaker. My friend wants to buy my 140 and then I will buy the D38. The D38 is not so much more expensive than the D25 but much better.