Anyone heard PMC's IB1?

Looking for some feedback on the PMC IB1 studio monitor and wondering if you formulated an opinion on these speakers. If so, what type of electronics complemented them and what music is/was chosen. Thanks. Dave
they are a very neutral(flat from top to bottom) transmission line design. sonically similar to older brands IMF,TDL,FRIED(the original fried). no bass or midrange bump(by design), and they sound good with tubes or ss, but like most studio monitor designs,they excell with ss.
I really cannot understand who PMC has not taken the US market by storm with such fine attributes in the IB1, IB2, and MB2 series. I guess marketing and UK product are their issues.
If you have not experienced a dome mid range then be prepared for a surprise. These can go very loud without mid range compression. Effortless sounding and very articulate. Definitely worth auditioning. Telarc (Cleveland USA) bought some PMC's a few years ago which tells you a lot about the sound quality. ATC is worth a listen too as the PMC designs are very similar to ATC (apart from the transmission design which gives a quite different ultra-LF response)