Anyone heard Opera Callas Mini?

I recently heard Opera's new Prima speaker at my dealer and was shocked by the quality. Very musical, excellent clarity. I'm looking for monitors for my Sim integrated and feel Opera may be right, but I'm curious to hear the new Callas' also. But the dealer doesn't have those. Can anyone comment? Thanks.
I think the Opera Mini you mention is discontinued..If it is the same monitor I inquired about.I was told this very succesfull monitor speaker was just taken out of the line up...Not sure why,but thats what i was told by a USA dealer and also a rep from Opera...You can check with Upscale Audio.He may have one or two left but thats what I came up with...Good luck.........Hopefully I am correct in my info.......
Thanks Thorman. Actually I have all my info wrong. The speaker I heard was the new Opera Mezza. And the speaker I'm interested in is the Opera Callas, not the mini, but the larger monitor that's been described in Stereophile.
I own the Opera Callas monitors. They are very good speakers with surprising bass and a wonderful top-to-bottom integration. They're warmer than some monitors so the treble isn't as sparkling as some. The treble detail is there but not as prominent as in some monitors. It's a very easy-to-listen to speaker. I found ss amps work better with his speaker esp. the bass.

Thanks Hoggshead: I am actually thinking of downsizing from my Kharma 1.0 speakers and considered the Opera Callas mini. Right now I really have my eye on the Ridge Street Audio Sason Granite Monitor . Though I do need to sell my speakers first......Such is life......
Hoggshead, which stands are you using with the Callus? I've read that Opera makes two stands, one for $400, the other for $1000. Is one meant for the Callus and are you using that one? I can't quite rationalize $1000 stands. Can anyone else give recommendations?
Hello Rfprice,
I use a simple 24" all-wood stand; nothing special or fancy. BTW, this is the model I'm talking about