Anyone heard of Sound Code System

Anyone heard of this Brand? I recently purchase a SCS Model model 2150A. Thanks
I just ran across one of these amps and was looking for a bit more info than what I already knew and came across this old thread,  So I though I'd update this for whomever may be looking for the info later.
Sound Code System is the Preceding company to Muse.  It was more of Pro Amp designs, but both Muse and Sound Code were owned and designed by Kevin Halverson who now owns High Resolution Technologies.  HRT Dac's. 
I've not heard sound code amps, but I can say that the Muse One Hundred and Muse One Sixty are both wonderful amplifiers.  
I looked at the interior of the 2150 and of the Muse 100... Very Similar circuit layout, but the Muse has 6 outputs per channel and the Sound Code has 4. 
If anyone ever runs across this and needs it, I hope it helps.