Anyone heard Montana speakers?

I'm interested in these speakers and would greatly appreciate anyone whose had expereince with them (own or demo)to give their impressions. Thanx!
Which one's dude?? I have the ESP's. Well-- their high sensitivity 92/--allows lower powered amps/ or all triode. Some speakers "demand" SS amps.-- No speaker is any better than whatever you use to drive it/-- Stereophile gave them a class A.
I've heard em, and they do sound pretty good, yes! They remind me of a mix between Thiel and Dunlavy. Anyway, their a pretty good foundation to work with in my oppinion. Good luck
I have owned 4 different prs. over the last 5yrs.and will never buy another pair. The phrase"subject to change without notice" is what they(PBN) live by!I currently own the KAS which there are at least 3 versions and sizes...thus they sound completely different! I have been trying to sell this pr. for 2yrs.,no takers.As far as sound,depending on which ones you are looking at,I'd say there are many other brands to choose from that would be a better purchase.The JM LABS UTOPIAS and DUNLAVYS come to mind.
These are a world class speakers. Stereophile rated the EPS a Class "A" recomended speaker. The Ttathompaolcom guy above must have thought they were pretty good too. He bought four pairs in five years. Can't be because he doesn't like them. (Why would someone keep buying a speaker they do not care for?) I doubt he has ever even heard the Utopia's. Also, KAS do not come in three sizes, nor do they have completly different sounds. Don't know what he is thinking...
I've heard several of the Montanas including the KAS. They have confusing model numbers so I can't tell you which ones I've heard. My current dealer likes them (KAS) better than his Soundlabs but I don't agree although dynamically there is no argument. Taste certainly comes into play and in this we aren't on the same page, including his choice in amplification for this system. One of us must be deaf.

You need a blindfold when listening to them though since their immense size seemingly draws attention from the music they make. They look like coffins for Andre the Giant. Something that large unless in an equally large room might have problems with the "disappearing act" so important an objective of most audiophiles.

All the Montanas I've heard are very good but not something that gives me goosebumps which is what it takes these days to make me really take notice. As with all speakers, system matching is paramount in bringing out their best. My guess is I haven't heard them at their best.
Thankyou for your thoughtful responses. My search for speakers has been quite instructive. I own acoustat model 4's and demo'd avantgarde uno, soliloquy 6.5, magnepan 3.6, revel f50 and martin logan prodigy. I like the detail and etheral feel of electrostatic/planers. For me, I've learned that there are alot of really fine speakers out there. I ended up getting the Montana XP. They seened to my ears to do the best of boh worlds. They were beyond my budget but I reached a bit as this particular pair were a trade in and therefore a good deal.
I want to particularly thank the Sales manager for Montana, Art Paloso, who lives right in my town of Orlando. I can't tell you how warm, patient, generous and knowledgeable he was. Again, thank you for all your responses. I certainly would still be interested in those who have had experience with Montana. It opened my eyes to a world of very good speaker companies who might not be as well known as the more
well advertised companies.