Anyone heard Eventus Audio speakers?

I did a search and didn't find much on these speakers. Looking into the Phobos or Metis. Thanks!
Yes I have heard to both Phobos and Metis;in fact I almost bought the Metis.

Both Speakers are very well made[have you seen them in real life?pictures do not do them justice]The Metis is in fact one of the best "bookshelf' speakers that I have heard in my life especially for female vocals;though it comes with a dedicated stand.They are also not fussy with amplifications-I've heard the Metis with many different amps;and seems to like both solid state or tube;but high quality stuff.....

Certainly deserve better recognitions than what they are getting now.And yes,they are better than SF;)
Thanks Fafafion, there is very little written on these speakers. I have seen them up close and personal and they are very well made and their concept on the cabinet make is quite interesting. I am going to give them an audition and maybe get some info out here.
Hi, I own Phobos and I drive it with Luxman 800 pre/pow combo. It's a very neutral, open, clear sounding speaker. It's also very revealing!!!