Anyone hear of the Krell MD-20 transport?

I just put a deposit down on this transport, but can't seem to find any information whatsoever on it. I did several Web searches with different search engines, looked on Krells & Stereophiles web sites, even looked here to see that the value of it might be, but it is absent. Does anyone know anything about this transport? Why is there no information on it? Is it any good? How does it compete with using a modern universal player as a CD transport?

Thanks much
First they offered the md-1(which I own)1989-1992,and later the more affordable md-2.After they followed with md-10 and md-20.The md-20 was again the most affordable of the two.
Mated with 32x processor,as opposed to 64x for md-1&md-20.
Mine is build like a brick,very well designed,cool looking and excellent sound.One hell of a classic.In addition the md-1 offers a hydraulic close down cover(it lowers down shot with a gently push like an automatic door).I believe the md-2 and 20 don't offer that,also md-1&md-10 has 4 adjustable leveling feet.The md-1 was designed around Philips CDM-3 industrial top loader cd-rom.I am not sure if md-20 is using same mechanism or newer one .The smoked cover was more expensive option than clear cover.
Hope that helps.In short all the above were excellent transports IMHO.
I would check with Krell to see if, in the unfortunate event that something goes bad with the Philip transport, is it still possible to get a new one, and the cost.

No you can't get a mechanism for the transport,I did my homework a long time ago.I called Krell Industries and talked to Patrick at Service.He said "enjoy it for as long as it works,then move on to the next best thing and keep it as a work of art item."Some people own older transports that still keep going,besides I don't put that many hours on mine,only weekends.They are extremely well made though.
Yes, I called Krell and basically got the same response. The only difference is that they said that 'it depends' what breaks, but there would be a good chance that they couldn't fix it. I'm surprised that they don't have some stock of transport mechanisms for these better transports... I mean we're not talking about inexpensive stuff here. Well, anyhow I did buy the unit and hope it lasts a while. I certainly hope that it provides an improvement in sound quality over my Denon 2900 which is being used mainly as a CD transport, which is certainly the reason why I bought it.
Smeyers -- FYI:

Philips stopped production suddenly without notifying Krell. Dan D'Agostino was very mad!

ie: It isn't Krell's fault that they didn't have a lot of back-up mechanisms.

Thanks... I didn't know that.

I still find it a little strange that I can hardly find any information on this unit (MD-20 transport). I would love to hear from anyone else who has any knowledge or experience with this unit.

Richard is right,Philips stopped production.I found a spare CD Mechanism (CDM-3) for sale (450$USD) out of Japan a while ago.Before I send the money I called Krell for their opinion.There is no way of knowing if that spare was functioning or NOT.
I just had to believe whatever the seller told me.It was without box-instructions e.t.c.Krell said that they would have to check the mechanism for integrity.I decided not to buy that spare.My transport is mint right now with few hours I will deal with problems if and when arise.A local High-end retailer told me that cd transports have about 7-10 years of life expectancy.I think of it like having a nice car and all of a sudden you go and buy a spare engine block just in case you need for replacement.Kind of silly.
Smeyers. Enjoy your new transport,it will be superior than your Denon IMHO,Did you buy the one from Larry at High-End Palace ???I am in the middle of getting a Northstar 192 right now that is using the current Philips CD-PRO2 Mechanism.
I own an old MD1 transport, with an SBP 32X. Is this transport also doomed? This combo sounds great with my atma-sphere pro-ac gear .
Hi Sailormike
Yes that's the same one I have(MD-1)Read the post above.
Thanks Yioryos
My main gig is phono, but since buying the Krell combo used a few years ago, I've been very happy. Question, Is it worth updating the 32x to a 64x , or will Krell do such an update to an older unit? Is it possable to get resolution close to analoge?
Thanks Mike
Hi Mike
I am not into analog at all,wrong person to talk to.I gave it a thought many times but it will cost me a lot to start buying my favorite music in vinyl,Retro 80's,Classic rock,and especially mine and my wifes beloved ethnic music tunes(Greek 60's-70's)that are not available in vinyl anymore.Regarding the 32x or 64x,well in my opinion the 64x outperforms the 32x.Actually the 64x was designed to go with the MD-1.The 32x was more for the Md-2.I have my MD-1 hooked to an ARC DAC3(tubed D/A)with a digital lens .Very nice indeed,but I always have my eyes open for a deal on a nice condition 64x ,particularly the Reference 64.Price is high though,2500$.See if you can get a used digital lens(500$)amazing upgrade!
I doubt that Krell would update your 32x,but the real answer is only a phone call away.Patrick at Krell service is the man to talk to.
Happy listening
Thanks Yioyos,
I'll check it out. I hate to sound too ignorant, but what is a digital lens? Since I'm mostly into analoge I really am not to up on things digital but want to improve where I can.
Thanks, Mike
A digital lens is a device that was made by Genesis Technologies .Basically it captures a few seconds long of digital signal and then it de-jitters(timing errors),cleans and re-constructs it and passes it down to the DAC for conversion to analog.It can also upconvert 16 bit to 20.It gets installed between your transport and DAC.A used one will set you back about 450$-500$.A worthwhile upgrade in my humble opinion(I own one and speak from personal experience)
Go to and read the archived review on it.
I had the MD1 / SBP32x combo; traded in the SBP32x for a 64x and felt the differences were very pronounced; smoother high end, but the bass with the 64x was incredible. I next tried adding a Genesis Digital Time Lens and really didn't feel there was much of an improvement to my ears. Not too long ago I traded the MD1 / 64x combo for a KPS-20i, which I absolutely love. There seemed to be a bit of an improvement with the bass using the 20i, but the treble was a vast improvement.
I can't speak for the KPS-25 or the Reference 64. Also, I don't believe that Krell offers an update from the 32x to 64x (at least they didn't when I owned the 32x).

Happy listening, Ron
From the Krell MD-20 manual:

Modified Phillips CDM-1 MKII with Hall effect motor, swing-arm design unicast frame.

Single Beam with glass lens.

Digital only in industry standard SPDIF format.
1 FIBER OPTIC via standard interface
1 COAXIAL via RCA connector
1 AT&T via ST connector
1 AES/EBU via XLR connector

Wireless infrared

19.0" wide
12.5" deep
6.0" high, cover closed
15.0" high, cover opened

20 pounds unit only
33 pounds in box

I purchased an MD-20 after doing a back to back listening test with a MD-1. The 20 had a better sound to my ear. I had a chance to do back to back listening test with an MD-10 and my MD-20. To my ear the 10 sounded better. I now have a 10. Krell made two versions of the 10 one with a CDM3 and another with a CDM4 Pro.