anyone have setup tips on an old Koetsu Black?

I have a Gyrodec SE and a Moerch UP-4 arm. Thanks.
The older Koetsu Black is a rather medium-low compliance cart. Not sure how it would mate with the Moerch Unipivot arm. My worry is that this arm may need a higher complicance cart to work its best..Just speculation and FWIW, you may be good with the higher Eff.mass Blue Dot version for the Black Cart...Ken
Thanks for the tip Kehut. I think I'll be going with the Blue Dot Precision arm wand. I hear that the precision helps steady the Koetsu well. But, I have to say that on my yellow dot non-precision it already sounds captivating. Another fella alos sent me a copy of the old Black specs. Thanks to Jerry for that. I'll print a copy out and keep it with the cartridge.
Koetsu's work very well on a Morch UP4 - better than on a Ittok and waaay better than on a Rega.

I ran my Rosewood on a yellow dot for a while. It didn't sound bad with the yellow dot, but the sound has improved a lot since I changed to a blue dot. Bass seems a lot tighter and deeper. Mids also seems more detailed and captivating - it seems more attention gabbing if that makes any sense to you. You can just hear the cart is happier on the blue dot.

My Koetsu also seems happiest with the armwand totally parallel with LP i.e. horisontal with no slope towards pivot or cart. I run at 2 grams even.

run your anti-skate as low as possible (test this by ear), keep arm totally paralell with record, set weight at 1.9 grams