Anyone have any thoughts on Audio Research REF 1

I am looking closely at buying an Audio Research Ref 1. I'm concerned that it is an 8+ year old design. At the same time, it was very highly rated in it's day. Any experiences you can share would be appreciated.

A/R gear is built to last. I have owned several pieces and never a problem. With normal wear will last for many many years.
If you need service AR will fix it.

Good luck.
I owned one a couple of years ago. It was an outstanding preamp. If you have a great FM tuner, you are in for a real treat with the Ref 1. I've bought the Ref2 Mk2 and the Ref3 since. But all of them were excellent in their own way in my opinion.
Hi Rob, I agree with both Jimmy and Mitch. I have own several pieces of ARC gear over the last 20 years (SP9, SP14, Classic 60, Classic 120, PH3SE, LS16 MK1, REF2 MK2, REF Phono). If you can get your hands on a REF2 MK1 the better. Unlike the MK2 and REF3, you have the ability to drop some vintage NOS tubes in the REF2 MK1 and REF 1. I have had my Ref2 and Ref Phono modified by Steve Huntley (GNSC). Get yourself a REF 1 or Ref 2 MK1 and send it to GNSC. You will be set for life. Good luck!!! PS. I have a LS16 MK1 and a PH3SE with GNSC reference upgrades i will be selling shortly. The PH3 is HIGHLY modified.