Anyone have a Kill-A-Watt meter?

Does anyone here have or has had a kill-a-watt meter and how do you like it? I have one and I got my power conditoner plug in to it. It is a vary valuble tool but I was wondering how accurate is it? Thanks

I like mine. It was interesting to see how much current my amplifiers use just idling and how loud I had to turn it up before the power usage increased. And it had to be loud for a while before the power usage would increase. I'm guessing that the power supply caps took a while to run down.

After trying the meter on many things in my house, it seems that electrical items usually use less than the watts stated on their electrical labels. I don't remember the accuracy specs for the meter, but it seemed like it wouldn't be more than cents difference on your electrical bill for most things.
Deanster, funny you should ask. I feel a regular light bulb consume more energy than my entire system turned on at idle.According to my meter, I'm consuming only 130 watts with my amp, cd player, TV, and sub turned on. Dean, what does your meter say when you have on hz? My reads 59.9. Yes, .1 tolerated. Alfredo
Yes, I also recall seeing 59.9 Hz. I wasn't sure if that was a rounding issue or something that the power company was doing here in So. Cal.

On average when on, my tuner used 9 watts, my HT preamp used 28 watts, my disc player used 15 watts, my vcr used 13 watts, my passive preamp used 5 watts, and my TV used 70 watts. The bigger consumers were my 2 channel amp at 120 watts and my 3 channel amp at 220 watts.
Highend64...The 59.9 Hz frequency measurement is wrong. The power grid system maintains very tight control of frequency and even electrical phase angle, so that different generators can be interconnected, and so that electric clocks and other devices which use synchronous motors run at the correct speed.
Thanks Eldartford for your response. I guess the best result is to use an oscilloscope to see the frequency and waveform.