Anyone Have A Few Queen UK 1970's 1st Pressings??

Howdy All,

Is there anyone who has a few Queen UK EMI first pressings for their 1970's albums?? Is there some sort of website that can tell you what to look for when tracking them down??

I'm just trying to figure out if they sound better than the Elektra LP's at all (or the MFSL albums as well)??

I do have the "Complete Works" UK boxset, but again, I have no idea how that compares, as it was issued in 1985.

And of course if anybody's get a few of these LP's to spare, please send me an e-mail. :)

Any help is most appreciated!
Have the originals and the MOFI's...MOFI did these right!
Still, the winner by a slight margin, TO ME, are the originals...Less emphasis on "tipping up" the sound!

Good luck on your search!They are better recorded then the Electra's...

You'll just have to keep searching on ebay, and buy from a seller in the UK. Shipping will not be cheap. You'll just have to keep an eye out, and over time, the ones you want will pop up. That's how I've done it. But the condition will be a crap shoot. I had to go through 3 copies of Brand X "Morrocan Roll" before I got a really good 1st edition UK clean mint pressing. That's just one example.
I have both original UK and US pressings of "A Night at the Opera".

The UK pressing may be a bit more defined but I wouldn't go out of my way (and money) to find a copy unless it's a trophy you're after.
I recently purchased a British release of Queen's first lp, my favorite by far, which on my system, sounds a bit bass shy and muffled. Incidently, the cd version I own shares similar qualities. May be the mix.