Anyone ever heard of the JBL TIK line of speakers?

I just recently found out that I could purchase the TI10KBE for 1000k a piece.retail for 3500 a piece, sound investment?
yes...these were made in very limited numbers and mostly sold overseas...very 'real' sounding and built like tanks..they will also be collectible in years to come.
Thanks for the info. good investment for 2 grand?
I have a pair of the JBL Tik10. I love these speakers! They sound great! I you don't want to purchase them...pass on the contact, I will certainly buy them!
I purchased a pair of these monsters 4 months ago after trialling the 6's for 3 weeks. Wow what a difference. Beautifully open and the bottom end is to die for but you need a big room for them to be fully appreciated. For the record, the 6's seem to miss alot so if you're considering them, listen to the 10's. I love mine!!