Anyone else have a dust problem?

My home has a dust problem and I don't like the idea of having to take my electrostatic panels apart and hose them down in the shower. I found a place online that does custom dust covers for speakers and components, so went ahead a got a pair. They're anti-static too, so this will be a life saver for me. Anyway, just wanted to share this with the forum. Here is the link if anyone else is interested..
Spin, yes stators don't like dust for sure. If it makes you feel better I know of an ML owner who vacuums his ESL's every day to keep them dust-free, but he is pretty fussy. Those covers look like a good option for high dust areas where you only listen to music occasionally. I think they would drive me batty however if I were listening to music and/or watching dvd's regularly.

I vacuum my house & do general dusting once, and sometimes twice a week religiously which keeps dust at bay. I don't use any covers in my system, however I do place a cotton cloth over the top drawer of my cdp to keep dust away from the transport.
When I did own Martin Logan electrostatics, I used my vacuum and the soft brush head attachment to clean the fronts and rear. I had a 5.1 surround system so it was a chore. Maybe once a month. You only need to disassemble them, and wash them if you hear the high frequencies start to drop off. It's amazing over the years, the OCD I carried with me is now I really don't care. Feels so good to finally allow the "stick fall out of my ass"! ;)