Anyone do DVD player modifications?

I've got a Pioneer DV37 and was wondering if there is anyone that does mods on these machines. It's a good machine but I'd like to see if I could squeeze a little more performance from the Audio & Video section.

Search for Stan Warren in this forum. Good luck.
Check out
Upgrading the power supply section on a DVD player will increase the performance of both sections ( audio and video ). As usual, the "usual" culprits that you'll find recommended are Stan Warren, Ric from EVS, Dan Wright, John Hillig, etc... They are basically upgrading capacitors to models with a lower ESR / possibly higher amounts of reserve, "fine tuning" the sonics of the audio path via parts swapping ( resistors, caps, wiring, etc ) and sometimes removing unnecessary filtering / components. This typically results in increased liquidity, smoothness detail and "musicality". As to the video improvements, you should see more contrast and lower noise on the screen from the increased power supply capacity. Sean
My Stan Warren modified Pioneeer sound great considering how little I spent.
Stan does more than just upgrade capacitors, etc. On the Pioneers he completely removes the existing output stage and replaces it with his own setup.
How can I reach Stan Warren?
Search the other threads for Stan's phone number in Oregon. He only does this by phone.
Stan has a website where you can check out what he does and how much he charges.
Modwright is NOT Stan Warren. It is Dan Wright. They are both in Oregon.
Would you consider both to be quality modifers, or do they specialize on different gear e.g., Dan on dvds and Stan on DACs?

Again, thanks for catch my blunder.

Dan and Stan are both very well regarded with both DACs and DVD Players. I believe you could not go wrong with either. Their mods are similar, but not the same. On the Pioneer DVD players Stan completely removes the output stage and replaces it with a buffer of his own design. "Less is more" I believe. It will reduce the output of the player (you will have to turn the volume up more). On the MSB Link DACs Stan will cut a 3X3 inch square hole on the bottom of the case. He believes it helps with the resonance or something of the case? You would have to ask him. Stan will also Mod an cheap Aiwa CD Changer with a special digital cable to go with the Link DAC. See about that mod.
About ten years ago, I had Stan Warren perform two upgrades, one on my former Adcom GFA-555 amplifier and another on my JVC Z1050 CD player. At a cost of only about $300 for each modification, both components came back sounding as if they cost twice as much as I originally paid for the units. I'm not certain if this is still Stan's address and telephone number, but here's what I have on hand.

Supermods (Stan Warren)
2375 W. 21st Ave.
Eugene, Or. 97405
Have a Pioneer Elite DVD 5 moded by Dan W and am extremely happy with it.right
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