Anyone compared McIntosh C42 with C46?

Hello all
I have a C712 right now and want to upgrade to one of these two. I want the C46, mainly for the optic lighting and 10k pot, but I would like to spend less too. If the C42 sounds like the C46, I may get it in the interim. Any comments from upgraders or owners of these two preamps would be appreciated. Thank you!
Arthur I owned the C42 and loved it. I sold it because I had to move and had too many systems. I still have the C2200 which I love. I really liked the C42 and it was a bit more versatile than the 2200. A friend recently bought the 46 and loves it. I cannot really tell any difference in the sound. If you have the money get the 46 but it will probably go for 800-1200 more than the C42 used. I would get the 42 back for that difference.
Thanks Lloyd. I think I will look for a C42.