Anyone compared Aerial 20T and Eggleston Andra II?

I currently own a pair of Thiel CS7.2 which is a very good speaker system. I have been happy with its performance. I am sure there are many reference quality speakers out there and very affordable at used price. So, being bitten constantly by my upgrade bugs, I like to ask opinions about these two speakers. Opinions from someone who has auditioned both speakers side by side would be great help. Thanks.
I have actually compared these 2 speakers just not back to back (different dealers, different gear). I thought the 20T's provided a more pleasant & less fatiguing overall sound. I sat and listened to them for a few hours. Bass was excellent with warm mid's & high's. The ribbon tweeter used in the 20T's is a very expensive driver and you will hear why when you listen. The 20T's were driven by Krell evolution gear. This was about a year ago and I can not remember what drove the Andra's when I listened since I fell in love with the Aerial sound immediately.

If you are in the midwest my dealer was in Cary, IL - He has them setup in his home which doubles as his studio which I thought was a nice way to demo them. I did end up buying the 20T's so I probably sound a little biased. I hope that helps.
Andra 2's are by no way fatiguing so something was wrong and I personally would not come to a conclusion and make my purchase listening at dealers location. I will say both speakers are great but to really do a proper comparison one would need to do this back to back in your own place.
After 10 years of Thiel, including the 7.2 for the past 5 years, I went with Avalon.
The Thiel are excellent speakers. What electronics are you using to drive them? If I wanted to make a move to tube amps I might consider a different speaker as they are not easy loads for the tubes, but they are first rate speakers.
I guarantee that if you move away from Thiel (or Vandersteen) that, provided you are driving them correctly now with high current amplification, within a period of 2 years you will be craving for phase and time coherence once again.

When the detail, presentation and timbre accuracies of those 7.2s are no longer in your life, I am certain you will evenutally miss them and want them back.

Just so that I told you so. Cheers,
I agree with Steve. Not that the other speakers you are interested are not excellent; but if the Thiel's are you weakest link, you must have some might fine electronics and front-end.
Thanks for all your inputs. I still enjoy listening to my 7.2 which is, with right electronics, a high end bargain that can stack up against other speaker systems that cost twice as much or more. I am wondering if anyone has ever compared back to back the 20T or Andra II with the 7.2. I am interested in your honest opinions.