Anyone compared Accuphase anything else?

What do you guys think of Accuphase's cd players especially their 55 and 65 versus comparably price hear from the big names(Levinson, Krell, Wadia etc.)
I have owned the Accuphase DP 65 and 75 I have also owned the Levinson 39 The Resolution Audio CD 50 and the new CD 55 are both better You can find used CD 50's for $1500-$1800 A giant killer
Hi Tbone; Stereophile's J. Scull recently reviewed (July, 2000?) the latest Accuphase CD player and compared it to dCS gear. It seems Scull preferred the Accuphase marginally, but of course not everyone agrees with Scull's judgement. My ML 37 transport and 360S DAC are absolutely great, but I wasn't able to compare them to similar cost components. Cheers. Craig
Hi Acuujim; have you had the chance of listening to the new 75V? I am in the market for a new CDP (currently considering Wadia 830x, Proceed CDP, and perhaps an used Accuphase 75), so any recommendations are welcome!
mgs: I have not heard the V. Believe me they are all very fine CD players. I prefer the Resolution Audio.
Acuujim: Seems like there is a large loyal following of the Resolution Audio players on Audiogon. Have you had the opportunity of A/B the RAs against other CDPs? How well do they compare to the "big" names?
We own the 55--in our system it's hard to beat. 65 basically is 55 with card options. Have heard the new 75V 24/192. Absolutely stunning, but serious money. Would own one if I could.