Anyone compare NHT Classic Threes to SuperOnes?

I have a pair of SuperOnes bought through Audiogon that I think are great in my living rooms system (Marantz PM8004, Marantz CD6004, Denon DP-23F). I've owned some SuperZeros for 15+ years and like NHT's approach to speakers.

Question is, what will I gain if I upgrade to the Classic Threes? Living room is carpeted, 13.5'x18.5'x8'. What I'd be looking for is a bigger soundstage but not, necessarily, more volume. The SuperOnes image pretty well depending on the recording. I understand the Threes are even better.

Any thoughts about the Classic Threes would be appreciated.
I love mine in a 14x14 room(I know, not ideal). They sound amazing (imaging, detail, bass)driven by my Threshold SA/3 and Fet 10e. They lack only the deepest bass compared with my NHT 3.3's. I have owned a pair of 1.5's and classic 2's. The 3's, to my ears are significantly better. I have not had the opportunity to compare them to other "higher end" bookshelf speakers.
Thanks for your response. I guess NHT's market share is tiny compared to all the stuff talked about here.
I use a pair in my upstairs system with a classic 12 subwoofer with very good results. I could live with them as my main speakers.