Anyone can help with ASR Emit2 Exclusive V.Blue.

Hello everybody!Anyone can help with a question about ASR Emit2 Exclusive V.Blue? When the main unit turned to Standby,normally 2 green LED/per channel shine near rear in the chassis, but beside the 2 green LED near centerline in the chassis, there is a red LED ( seemingly marked OVERLOAD) also shine which go off immediately when the unit is turned to " ON " eigher at 1 or 2. Is the red LED ( seemingly marked OVERLOAD) at standby status normal? I have a friend whose unit of the same model is also with this phenomenon. I checked manual but nothing mentioned about this. What about yours?
Thanks for great help!
You should contact ASR directly, they are very responsive.

Send your unit to me to see what is going on! I will need @ least 150 days with the unit to fill you in. Shipping is on you . Unit must be 2010 +!!