Anyone able to reterminate Krell CAST LEMO connectors?

I have two pairs of CAST cables that need to be re-terminated. Is there anyone out there that knows where I can get this done? I had spliced two 2 meter cables together to use as a 4 meter run and have finally found a 5 meter run to replace the spliced cables with. So now I would like to get the spliced cables re-terminated back to two sets of 2 meter CAST cables. I have the original LEMO connectors and had only cut off about 6 inches of the original cable for the splice so that they could be re-terminated back to approximately 2 meter lengths.
Krell cannot do it, and says that it takes a special crimping tool. Krell also told me that Nordost that made some of the CAST cables, can't do the older type that I have, but I have not contacted Nordost directly yet.
Anyone out there know someone that might be able to help me?
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